Artificial Intelligence and Data Science   

Total Intake 60

With the exponential growth in data, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (AI & DS) has emerged as one of the most, dynamic, and productive careers in technology. It deals with scientific methodologies, processes, and techniques drawn from different domains like statistics, cognitive science, computing and information science to extract knowledge from structured and unstructured data. The Artificial Intelligence and Data Science program is designed to prepare students to gain practical knowledge of data analytics methods and apply it in interdisciplinary domain. It is designed to inculcate computational thinking to solve practical problems. The program covers variety of topics related to Statistics, Data Mining, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence to equip the students with knowledge of data analysis techniques and data-centric computation to address problems that require large data.


The offered program intends to develop

  • Understanding on collecting, categorizing, strategizing, analysing and interpretation of data in making various intelligent decisions in business applications.
  • Development of data driven solutions, data visualization tools and techniques to analyse big data.
  • Solving various computational and real-world problems using the concepts of machine learning and deep learning model.

Future Prospects in AI & DS

On successful completion, AI & DS graduate students can choose specialization to pursue higher studies in domains like Expert Systems, Natural Language Processing, Neural Networks, Robotics, Fuzzy Logic Systems, etc. Many universities at Global, National and Local level offer specialized courses in M.S., M.Tech, M.E., MBA, and PG Diploma for AI & DS undergraduates.

Availability of enormous data and need to solve existing problems, in domains such as, Healthcare, Agriculture, Smart city, Smart Vehicles to name a few, there are ample opportunities for entrepreneurship. We, at SIESGST provide support to promote entrepreneurship by conducting awareness sessions and mentoring students.

Students with Research aptitude can also pursue it in interdisciplinary domain. Graduate students having an adequate amount of research experience along with an exceptionally great academic background can pursue a PhD.