Printing & Packaging Technology: Vision, Mission & PEO’s   


To be a Premier Department specialized in training & education in the field of Printing and Packaging Technology, striving continuously in pursuit of excellence in Industry – Academia Collaboration, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.


1. To provide education of the highest quality with industry based training in the applied engineering field of Printing & Packaging Technology at par with international technological practices and trends.
2. To encourage learners to engage in real life problems/situations and cultivate analytical skills, develop creativity and provide practical & innovative solutions to problems.
3. To build a foundation for lifelong learning and instil a sense of stewardship of resources used, as learners progress towards becoming responsible technologists of the future.
4. To become the centre of excellence for packaging & printing technology and establish a vibrant Industry – Academia Interface for training, internship, research and consultancy.

Program Educational Objectives (PEO)

1. Become professionally excellent in Printing and Packaging Technology to compete at national and international platforms contributing to research and industry.
2. Become a principal professional with good technical and management skills to solve economic, environmental and societal problems.
3. Become an entrepreneur providing solutions to societal & industrial problems.