Humanities & Applied Science: Faculty   

Name Date of Joining Designation Qualification Nature of Appointment
Dr. Manasi Karkare 27.06.2003HOD Ph.D (Phy), M.Sc (Solid State Physics), B.Sc (Phy) RegularVIEW BIO
Ms.Asha Raj 01.08.2003Assistant Professor M.Phil(Mathematics), M.Sc, B.Sc RegularVIEW BIO
Ms.Seema Khan 02.07.2007Assistant Professor M.Phil (Eng.Lit), SET Cleared, M.A, B.A RegularVIEW BIO
Ms.Vijaya Patil 02.07.2007Assistant Professor Ph.D*, M.Sc(Mathematics), B.Sc Regular VIEW BIO
Ms.Pratibha Sharma 02.07.2007Assistant Professor Ph.D*, M.Phil (Statistics), M.Sc, B.Sc RegularVIEW BIO
Mr.Mahesh Biradar 01.08.2007Assistant Professor M.Sc(Mathematics), B.Sc, B.Ed RegularVIEW BIO
Ms.Sumitra Padmanabhan 01.07.2009Assistant Professor Ph.D*, M.Phil (IT), M.Sc (Physics),B.Sc (Electronics) RegularVIEW BIO
Dr.Geetanjali Mishra 26.06.2012Assistant Professor Ph.D. (English), M.A, B.A RegularVIEW BIO
Dr.Smitha S Kumar 01.09.20012Assistant Professor Ph.D. (Chemistry), M.Sc, B.Sc RegularVIEW BIO
Dr.Savita Katiyar 15.07.2014Assistant Professor Ph.D. (Chemistry), M.Sc (Org. Chem), B.Sc (Che) RegularVIEW BIO
Dr.G.Kanthimathi 01.01.2015Assistant Professor Ph.D (Physics), M.Phil, M.Sc, B.Sc RegularVIEW BIO
Dr.Ramkishan B Bhise 15.07.2017Assistant Professor Ph.D, M.Phil (Eng), M.A, B.A RegularVIEW BIO
Mr.Ashwinkumar R Chavan 30.06.2012Assistant Professor Ph.D*, M.Phil (Maths), M.Sc, B.Sc RegularVIEW BIO